Two years in retrospective,
Hoping some gains made in perspective,
From routines that kept us perpetually active and reactive,
To a life that became more introspective and receptive.

Routines of a day drastically changed,
Mornings were no longer rushed or rigorously arranged.
No one was in a hurry to get ready and look nice,
Going to work was to open a device.

Overall regimen changed in pace,
With weeks and then months of shelter in place.
To prevent and protect from the virus trace,
No one left home without covering face.

Family time got a new meaning,
Emerging from bedroom was considered leaning.
Meals together were also not rare,
Conversations and camaraderie came on the fare.

Walks in the neighborhood were pristine,
Old and new lanes leading to places unseen.
Hills, lakes and verdant valleys of different hues and green.
Old surroundings with newer appreciation seen.

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