Some will like and love you without reason,
Revere you in every season.
Some, you will like or love ardently,
And cherish or pine for fervently.

Certain affections will find a return,
Others might flow silently without mutual burn.

In seeking a cause for singular or shared affection,
For some you will find a natural traction.
For others, it might begin with common interests and likes,
That helps bridge all barriers and dikes.

We may pay premium on associations of long time,
Relations that have stood test of times-sweet and lime.
Remained unchanged in periods of talks and mime,
And thus emerged special and sublime.

To love and be loved in equal measure,
Is a rare, yet a sacred treasure.

But if equality in emotions is not to be,
To love more, brings greater glee.
Though feelings are unquantifiable,
Heart knows what’s justifiable.

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