Method to Madness

Is there a method to creative writing?
does it start with nail biting?
moving from doubting to deliberating,
to an actual penning or typing.

I begin with observing,
continuing with thinking and reflecting,
Word flow and scribbling,
And finally to subject linking.

Observation is very important,
Without it, all else can stay latent.
Listening to words and silence bonding,
Feeling and absorbing varied surrounding.

No one one act scores over another,
one is not more important than other.
Each has its unique place,
It’s not a contest or race.

Observing keenly is not a breeze,
Contemplating on what I see,
is also not all easy and glee,
the process can be a tough tease.

Word flow takes effort and work,
Sometimes I want to give up and smirk,
But, then, I come back to write,
When words are ready to flow and not fight.

Since words have to emote and percept,
first few drafts are rarely perfect,
Some days, writing can be quick and deft,
And on others, a patient and persistent act.

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