Half Truths

When someone withdrew from you,
And changed their focus from thou,
It was half truths that got them away,
Lack of openness to waylay.

Its not always lies, but unshared information,
That breaks the fragile bonds of connection.
Reactive rather than proactive communication,
Is not the hallmark of strong and lasting relation.

We have learnt Love is sharing,
And sharing translates to caring,
Good-bad, happy-sad, subtle and blaring,
All of it- falls-frailty, dreams and daring.

When we speak without restriction,
With feelings and lack of friction,
With a desire to share and care with conviction,
Bonds grow stronger with each diction.

Lack of true and regular exchange,
Can lead to heart change,
Living together should not feel like a bondage,
Relationships are meant to make you fly and not cage.