Birthday Wishes

A very happy birthday to you my dear Nandi,
My loving, sensitive and caring girl,
Who’s heart belongs to a chocolate swirl.
Cookies, cakes and brownies make her twirl.

Time is flying by so fast,
I remember your arrival -not as a distant memory from the past,
But a recent occurrence that hast,
Brought so much of happiness to a lifetime last.

With a song on your lips always,
You love to sing as a jay
Sitting still is not your trait,
Movement and play are attractive bait.

You love to think and philosophize,
Also, observe, read and write.
You have to be reminded to do chores,
And the pile collects of more.
Your sister is your best friend and guide,
Whom you look up to at every stride.
Dad is your maths instructor of algebra and equations
Mom, you say is an expert of favorite dishes and quotations.

Have a wonderful, happy birthday,
May learning and happiness grow every day,
You are loved limitless,
And wished happiness, health and success boundless!



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