Women and Work

Pondering on continuing pandemic induced effect,
Job losses affecting women the worst, makes me reflect,
Pressures of juggling home and work are not hard to detect,
High time we recognize these imbalances and help deflect.

As a society, we cannot be oblivious to this grave reality,
Women’s short and long term wellbeing is not a banality.
The urgent and pressing need is for true equality,
Physical, mental and emotional labor distribution is not a triviality.

Toggling multiple fronts can take their toll,
Findings reveal these facts, poll after poll.
Shouldering varied roles and duties pull women in opposite way,
Continually, balancing work and personal fronts are no easy play.

Can a woman's myriad responsibilities be truly prioritized?
Can multitude of roles and responsibilities be correctly categorized?
Can one role adequately monopolize?
What happens when women have to persistently sift and strategize?

All tasks demand time, effort and energy to sway,
Unequal distribution of chores is a heavy price to pay,
Dissimilar pay and perks for same work is not okay,
Societally, we urgently need to find a better, sustainable way.

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