Mirrors, Memoirs & Mentors

Nature shows in varied hue,
Seasons and surroundings alter as due,
Nothing is stuck with permanent glue,
Changes and challenges are life’s beau.

Mirrors, mentors and memories send us cue,
Variations affect us all -me and you,
We all have to experience all seasons in queue.
Nothing stays the same-red, green or blue,

Embracing change is no easy game,
Challenges surrounding us are not lame,
Our varied individual reactions are not to blame.
Calm amidst chaos is a lofty aim.

A habit of inner dialogue and introspection,
Not just situational retrospection,
But a routine of self suggestion,
Helps to accept life’s ways via regular reflection.

This practice brings some calming insights,
Leading to a state of equanimity, not unconditional delight.
Since solution to life’s inevitabilities is not flight,
Acceptance helps, without fright or fight.