End of Summer

Another summer coming soon to an end,
And a new season just around the bend,

Its time to retrospect some old reels,
Replay both facts and feels,
Varied stages hold different appeal,
Some truths slowly simmer and reveal.

All actions have some return,
Some easy and others stern.
Some learnings come with burns.
And teach us how to discrete and discern.

Not all relations are forever,
Some sustain and others sever.
Not every time one needs to be quick and clever,
Some difficult doors can be opened with simple lever.

Since varied experiences make life’s twists and turn(s),
And some acts are better without a rerun.
Retrospection teaches there’s always something to learn,
And something to unlearn. 

Vacation days

I remember those highly awaited vacation days,
Respite from school work and its ways.
Days to only laze and play.
Time of precious summer holidays!

Days when the mind at its own pace could drift,
Free of home work, worries and school yard rift.

New thoughts and ideas to unfold,
When regular life was put on hold,
A rested mind-vibrant, positive and bold,
Could shed old patterns and to fresh ideas be sold.

Visit to a new vista or place,
Where clock seems to move at a slower pace.
Not only a destination to see sights and sounds in fresh space.
But to appreciate all of life's gift(s), and the lace.

A few decades have flown by,
But, summer still brings nostalgia of days gone by,

Long bicycle rides, lazy afternoons, sweet mangoes and real talks with friends,
Now as I lead life with new trends,
And see children chat more with online friends,
And consume media without an end,

I revisit my summer holidays in my memories,
And recall those times with sweet poetic summaries.