Living in Hearts

The query was simple,
Where do you live?
My address as an answer was ample,
But, that was not all I could give.

With some I share a home,
With others, a deep connection,
I live in their hearts and mind,
In thoughts loving, sweet and kind.

They live in mine,
I might not with them dine,
But they live in my dream(s),
In my prayers and when I beam.

You too might in several places reside,
No single address can fully describe,
Where all a person might thrive,
Residing in fond feelings is no lesser than a hive.

Relations can survive any distance,
If feelings are true-with or without diction,
Power of telepathic connection(s),
Are a boon and a benediction.

Share and Care

Knock a door, ring a bell,
Open your shell.

Life’s sojourn is easier when we share,
Find and seek souls that care.
We are on this life’s journey together,
Share your cares when you gather.

Beyond frivolities and niceties,
Share true concerns, above trivialities.

No life is untouched by tragedies.
Sharing concerns help relieve maladies.

Time with friends can be a therapy,
Perspectives help us gain empathy.
Path of life is easier without disdain.
Everyone can give and gain.

Connections are precious, above all.
Sharing turns big sorrows- small.
Both carer and cared gain,
Be a giver and a taker without restrain.

Reach out and extend a hand.
Don’t just passively stand.

Help someone with their burden and bother.
And together make the pains smother.

Bringing joy to another
Takes us further.