Choice of our thoughts,
Determines a lot.
Thoughts may emerge from an unknown spot,
But how we direct them, is in our pot.

I can choose to be thankful,
Or I can be resentful.

We get opportunities to feel both,
To like and love or dislike and loathe.
Circumstances for sure determine our moods,
But our overall constitution is on what we brood.

Resilience is an acquired trait,
Negativity is an attractive bait.
With deliberate practice it has to be set aside,
And replaced with positive thoughts, actions and vibe.

Our mornings set the tone of the day,
Small steps to feel and flow go a long way.
Practicing positivity is no easy play,
But regular efforts can lessen mood fray.

Beginnings and endings are vital to start right,
Mind recalls and replays events at night,
Setting aside thoughts of happenings is not easy or light,
But peace of mind is the ultimate reward in sight.


Peace-first in thought,
And then, can be brought,
To word, action, reaction-the entire lot,
Slowly, covering us whole- leaving no spot.

Our minds are fickle,
Distracted by a trickle.
Can easily be disturbed,
Worried and perturbed. 

Composure is an acquired trait,
It takes practice and patience not to bite every bait,
Tranquility of body and mind keep us sate,
And prevent unnecessary strife and spate.

Differentiating trifles from true tragedies,
Realizing not all disturbances are maladies, 
Accepting life as a mix of pain and parodies,
And enjoying, when we can, the laughs and the comedies.

Is a recipe to keep composure and calm,
A natural elixir and the ultimate balm. 

New Story

In the night, as I unwind,
Events of the day rewind,
Some linger longer and to memory bind,
Others, quickly exit the mind.

Unpleasant days can spill into the night,
Disturb serenity, sleep and show their unruly might,
Cause and consequence playback and trouble like a blight,
Twists and turns instead of shuteye are not trite.

Calm and peace are a rare and rich treasure,
Its benefits are beyond count and measure,
Bring incomparable and exquisite pleasure,
Let you feel and experience life bereft of pressure.

With tranquility, events can flow like a smooth stream,
Good, bad, happy, sad-all can come and go like a dream.
All thoughts and feelings can play their part like a team,
Some stay as an inconsequential sliver, others shine bright as a beam.

How should I learn to only live in the present and not hind?
How should I leave past events truly behind?
How should I train my mind?
Not to be bothered with thoughts unkind.

Tell me if you know,
How to new seeds sow?
Not to memories stow.
Events that can make me feel low.

Help me with my worry,
Beyond feeling sorry,
Dark thoughts can turn gory,
Together, help me write a new story.