Slaves of Habit

Habits make us,
And also break us.
We are prisoners to our ways,
Yet, so vital is to regularly breakaway.

Bonds of our ways and habits,
Developed consciously or unconsciously in tacit,
Determine a lot in our lives,
Changing is not without some strifes.

Some easy and comforting routine,
Are nothing less than cocaine.
Addiction to our norms and styles,
Slowly but surely does patterns pile.

From waking up to shut eye,
Routines rampantly run our lives.
Some good and some not, are in the mix,
For the not so, there’s no quick fix.

Path of changing pattern is rather greasy.
Giving up or molding old ways is not easy,
A strong desire is the first step on this way,
Practice, patience and perseverance are the mainstay.

Some change in habits is hugely beneficial,
For some, help from others is vital,
Yet, personal effort is pivotal,
For lasting change, beyond superficial.

In Between

From the texts that teach,
To the men that preach,
Faith lies in between.
From fervent declarations of love,
To blood thirsty hate,
Control like a trapeze artist balances in between.
From zenith of joy and happiness,
To depths of despair and sadness,
Equanimity satisfies in between.
From playful, carefree childhood,
To pensive, responsibilities filled adulthood,
Life is to be savored in between.
From quiet contemplation,
To intense discussions,
Wisdom searches a niche in between.
From passions that overcome obstacles,
To indifference leading to humdrum,
Vast majority live in between.
From follies and frivolities of youth,
To sagacity of the golden years,
Moments and memories of life are lived and made in between