Failed promise

He said- “I am sorry,”
did not intend to cause anger or worry,
raised his voice/hand once more,
but said, will not happen anymore.

Once again a false assurance,
Or will he keep his words and patience.
Triggers in life will not end,
I can wait and pretend.

Think of ways to prevent his reactions,
change my ways and actions,
but, if not one, than another,
he will always find a cause for bother.

It's not me, but him,
With emotions always on the brim.
Has not learnt to communicate,
wants, emotions or reciprocate.

Is his illiteracy my burden,
How will I live and my children?
Isn’t a compromise worth it?
Will my home not benefit?

I tried but failed,
Marriage couldn’t be bailed.
Once more, his ways did not change,
Decades of patriarchy not ready for exchange.