Beauty in Diversity

We seek security in similarity,
On actions, beliefs and overall familiarity.
But isn't life all about finding beauty in diversity,
Isn't cultural, social and racial variety-a way out of banality.

Sameness is comforting, but differences help us grow.
Accepting and respecting multiplicity generates an inner glow.
A flower garden of myriad shapes, sizes and shades makes a beautiful row.
Not easy, but vital to some archaic inherent ideas throw.

From principle, practice and place,
To religion, rite and race,
Diversity has shown to aid and ace,
Societies towards growth and grace.

Not easy to imbibe,
But important to subscribe,
Notion of all world as one tribe,
If a new normal is to be the vibe.

We seek variety in food, fun, joy and jive.
Varied experiences help us thrive.
Forced isolation has made us realize,
It can get boring in just our hive.

For a new world order to work,
No one can merely blame or smirk,
Joint responsibility cannot be shirk,
Other dangers closely lurk.

Coming together is the only way.
We have to jointly lay,
New grounds and principles to work and play,
For a new normal to take root and stay.