Inter generational conversations are an art,
Topics and exchanges are a discrete craft.
Older folks have a tendency to get preachy,
Younger ones loathe anything that too teachy.

Good conversationists find a middle ground,
To keep chats going around,
Is give and take necessary in every round?
For all to feel valued, without feeling bound.

One learns, good talks start with trust,
And are carried forth with shared interest(s).
Cemented with understanding multiple pretext(s),
And honoring mutual context(s).

Interactive dance of experience and youth,
Can flow like a well rehearsed tango-clean and smooth,
And the dialogues can really calm and soothe
If effort is made and honored with courtesy and couth,

Topics and talks mould as children and parents grow,
Conversations are a boat that all have to together row,
Good-bad, pedantic.didactic, comic-tragic with high-low,
Beautiful moments and memories emerge from this flow. 

A Sari Box

A sari box got opened,
And a revelation got made-
Definition of a sari in a dictionary is wrong,
Its not just a garment that’s about six feet long.

It’s a harbinger of memories,
A drape in its weft, weave and wrap carrying stories.
My saris are not just cottons, silks, georgettes and chiffons,
Each one carries memoirs-soirées and songs.

A grand mother’s advise,
An aunt’s surprise,
So much in guise,
And then-conjectures and surmise,

These old saris have opened a floodgate of sorts,
Pouring a deluge of memories- an entire lot,
Taken me back to the place of my youth,
An upbringing of caring, culture and couth.

New fashions and fabrics may come and go,
Some old ones are like a seasoned pro,

Shapes and styles mold as one grow(s),
Yet, a few can still make you gleam and glow,
Reminding that though life’s like a river in continuous flow.
Sometimes it’s better when you stop, savor and slow. 

Vacation days

I remember those highly awaited vacation days,
Respite from school work and its ways.
Days to only laze and play.
Time of precious summer holidays!

Days when the mind at its own pace could drift,
Free of home work, worries and school yard rift.

New thoughts and ideas to unfold,
When regular life was put on hold,
A rested mind-vibrant, positive and bold,
Could shed old patterns and to fresh ideas be sold.

Visit to a new vista or place,
Where clock seems to move at a slower pace.
Not only a destination to see sights and sounds in fresh space.
But to appreciate all of life's gift(s), and the lace.

A few decades have flown by,
But, summer still brings nostalgia of days gone by,

Long bicycle rides, lazy afternoons, sweet mangoes and real talks with friends,
Now as I lead life with new trends,
And see children chat more with online friends,
And consume media without an end,

I revisit my summer holidays in my memories,
And recall those times with sweet poetic summaries. 

Birthday Wishes

A very happy birthday to you my dear Nandi,
My loving, sensitive and caring girl,
Who’s heart belongs to a chocolate swirl.
Cookies, cakes and brownies make her twirl.

Time is flying by so fast,
I remember your arrival -not as a distant memory from the past,
But a recent occurrence that hast,
Brought so much of happiness to a lifetime last.

With a song on your lips always,
You love to sing as a jay
Sitting still is not your trait,
Movement and play are attractive bait.

You love to think and philosophize,
Also, observe, read and write.
You have to be reminded to do chores,
And the pile collects of more.
Your sister is your best friend and guide,
Whom you look up to at every stride.
Dad is your maths instructor of algebra and equations
Mom, you say is an expert of favorite dishes and quotations.

Have a wonderful, happy birthday,
May learning and happiness grow every day,
You are loved limitless,
And wished happiness, health and success boundless!



Slaves of Habit

Habits make us,
And also break us.
We are prisoners to our ways,
Yet, so vital is to regularly breakaway.

Bonds of our ways and habits,
Developed consciously or unconsciously in tacit,
Determine a lot in our lives,
Changing is not without some strifes.

Some easy and comforting routine,
Are nothing less than cocaine.
Addiction to our norms and styles,
Slowly but surely does patterns pile.

From waking up to shut eye,
Routines rampantly run our lives.
Some good and some not, are in the mix,
For the not so, there’s no quick fix.

Path of changing pattern is rather greasy.
Giving up or molding old ways is not easy,
A strong desire is the first step on this way,
Practice, patience and perseverance are the mainstay.

Some change in habits is hugely beneficial,
For some, help from others is vital,
Yet, personal effort is pivotal,
For lasting change, beyond superficial.

Women-yesterday and today

I wrote this several months back when my daughter traveled for COP. Today with Supreme Court’s ruling (, I wonder how many generations back have we gone and what will this do to all the work that has gone on for decades to bring us to this point.

One family-two women,
75 years in between.
One journeyed to survive,
Another travels to thrive.

One escaped persecution,
During humanity’s worst migration.
Another works with discipline and dedication,
To prevent environmental affliction.

On sacrifices of generations,
Are dreams built of successions.

Today, the late matriarch's grand and great grand daughters live with liberation,
Educational and economic opportunities open to their generation.
May their late matriarch’s blessings be in continuation.
And all humanity benefit from societal reformation.

For this generation-the world is their oyster-sky and ground,
As opportunities and occasions abound,
Role models and mentors surround,
New avenues to explore can be sought and found.

My humble wish in words plain,
Let gender not restrict or restrain,
Or ideas and progress refrain,
Let all work together for humanity’s gain.

New Day

Eagerly awaiting the dawn of a new day,
When fear of the disease is at bay.
No more helplessly watching an invisible enemy,
Destroy lives, livelihoods and communities.

This long running calamity has taught a lot in its wake.
Nature is fragile, not a guarantee, a take.
Its time to return to a simpler life.
No more an issue of debates or strife.

Enough's been deliberated, debated and said.
Out earth is hurt-needs a med.
Reckless ways have to cease.
To prevent known and unknown disease.

If you ask-what can I do?
Consciously seek and find.
Small and big ways to be sustainable and kind.

With our combined efforts,
A new way of living can emerge.
Our thoughts, policies and practices have to merge.

This much we owe to our future generations-
A livable planet.

Not divided by nations, notions or stations.
But united by our shared concerns and compassion.
For our earth and generations.


Decisions in life determine destiny,
Choices galore with and without ceremony.

From simple yes or no; 
To complex stop or go.
Like a fork on a boulevard,
But without a google map to guard.

Some use logic, reason and experiences to decide,
For others, its their heart’s desire that they bide.
Some can carve  a balance,
For others its one stance.

Decisions occupy so much mental space,
Make our head and heart race.

I wonder what life would be without needing to decide?
To flow freely without decisions to make and bide.

A carefree existence,
Without decisions encumbrance.

With having nothing to confide or decide,
But to let life flow freely as an ocean tide.

Will that be a simple life?
Bereft of all cares and strife.
I wonder.

Lockdown Memories

From a life that seemed like a constantly moving mill,
A never ending hill.
Allowing no time to stand or sit still.
Demanding one more chore, one more bill-a constant drill.

Lockdown provided time for contemplation,
Away from external and nearer to inner connection,
Hours were spent in reckoning and reflection,
And also in self suggestion and correction.

I cherished and appreciated the rush-free time,
Rare, precious, and sublime.
Early morning hours of mine,
Allowed me to connect with self and divine.

Beyond worldly concerns and care,
I could sit back and inside stare.
Think of twists and turns in life’s line,
And recall events in the churns of time.

Suddenly there were hours to pursue a dormant hobby,
That for years had no lobby.
I read some old books, stories and lore,
Wrote and rewrote like years before,

Delved into some old diary pages.
Reflected on them like sages.
Thought about life’s many wonders,
And how to fit in, without blunders.

Spent and cherished time with loved ones,
Strolls in nature were second to none.
Technological  advances helped hear and see,
Voices and faces of other dear ones and me.

Some days were gentle and tender.
Others had rain and thunder.
Accepting both without protest.
Continued to be the biggest and toughest test.

My way to beat the blues was to work and rest,
Think, read and reflect with zest.
But one abiding tenet of my nest,
Laughter together is the ultimate savior-the very best.

Women and Work

Pondering on continuing pandemic induced effect,
Job losses affecting women the worst, makes me reflect,
Pressures of juggling home and work are not hard to detect,
High time we recognize these imbalances and help deflect.

As a society, we cannot be oblivious to this grave reality,
Women’s short and long term wellbeing is not a banality.
The urgent and pressing need is for true equality,
Physical, mental and emotional labor distribution is not a triviality.

Toggling multiple fronts can take their toll,
Findings reveal these facts, poll after poll.
Shouldering varied roles and duties pull women in opposite way,
Continually, balancing work and personal fronts are no easy play.

Can a woman's myriad responsibilities be truly prioritized?
Can multitude of roles and responsibilities be correctly categorized?
Can one role adequately monopolize?
What happens when women have to persistently sift and strategize?

All tasks demand time, effort and energy to sway,
Unequal distribution of chores is a heavy price to pay,
Dissimilar pay and perks for same work is not okay,
Societally, we urgently need to find a better, sustainable way.